Maxi Caledonian Ltd announces 2022 financial results

The main trading companies are:-


Maxi Haulage Ltd operating from several depots across England, Scotland and Wales covering UK and Ireland – 50 years old next year

Maxi Construction Ltd – Livingston based – 50 years old last year

I am delighted to report another successful trading year for all the companies. Group turnover was over £89m and pre-tax profit over £4.3m. This is despite the well known difficult business environment we continue to suffer due to inflation, product supply and labour shortages. The companies have tackled these issues head on and worked our way through successful solutions. We sincerely thank our customer and client base for their continued support and business and for our staff and subcontractors who supply the highest levels of service whilst operating safely which customers and clients require.

I am also pleased to report that we continue to operate successfully and have some more expansion into the following period.

Last year saw Maxi Construction’s 50th anniversary and next year will see Maxi Haulage reach that milestone too. In the continued success of the Group I have built on a solid financial base by reinvestment of income into the business.

Gerry Atkinson


Review of the Business 30 09 2022

Maxi Caledonian Ltd is the ultimate holding company of Maxi Group Ltd., Maxi Haulage Ltd., Maxi Warehousing Ltd., Maxi Construction Ltd and Maxi Construction Management Ltd., we therefore report on the consolidated position of these companies.

All Group companies had a successful year’s trading, be it with many difficulties having to be successfully managed.

Maxi Construction’s turnover was significantly down in the year due mainly to delays in new work starting but results remained satisfactory.

Maxi Haulage Ltd. have retained all major customers but generally their volumes are down.  Significant new business more than covered this reduction and led to increased turnover in the year.  A shortage of new vehicles and parts led to long lead times on fleet replacement which resulted in our investment reducing in the year, however post year end we have seen a huge increase in new trailers with orders being delivered.  Our Irish business also grew in the year,  grossing an average of 1100 loads per week.   We have coped well with driver shortages and other operational issues.

Overall group turnover increased from £80m to over £89m and pre-tax profits grew from £4m to over £4.3m. Whilst a slight reduction in percentage it is considered a satisfactory performance under the current business environment.  We maintain a very strong balance sheet and our financial strength greatly aids the confidence customers and potential customers have in us.

Maxi Construction Ltd

The Company continues to operate as a principal contractor undertaking public, commercial and industrial work, both refurbishment and new build with project values ranging from £0.2m to £5m. 

Our turnover for the year was £13.4m.  This is lower than planned but is as a result of two high value contracts having their start dates delayed; turnover in the following period has increased significantly.

Our profit before tax was £847,785 which is a satisfactory result for a year where there have been significant cost increases due to world events.

We continue to deliver to the highest standards of safety, service and quality which assists in repeat business from valued Clients.

Our balance sheet remains strong with significant reserves which supports growth and maintains customer confidence in what remains a very competitive market

Maxi Haulage Ltd

The Company carries out haulage, distribution, warehousing and other logistic services throughout the UK and Ireland mainly for major customers in full and part load and groupage using a fleet of articulated vehicles and rigid trucks including some specialised equipment including lorry loaders, low loaders  and double deck trailers.  Our trailer fleet is approximately 750.

We operate from several strategically located depots to provide our national service and also from some customer premises undertaking their haulage and distribution  from in house locations.  

Turnover for the year was £75,450,000 and profit before tax £3,621,000 which was affected by trading conditions due to customer logistic changes, fuel cost and maintenance and vehicle availability.

We have retained all major customers but generally their volumes are down.  Significant new business more than covered this reduction and led to increased turnover in the year.  

We continue to develop a strong management team, mainly with internal appointments and training.  We thank all our customers for their continued support and our staff, subcontractors and vendors for their hard work and commitment achieving excellent results and service in the most difficult circumstances.